Humor and its significance in company culture
Humor and its significance in company culture

Humor and its significance in company culture | Posted Aug-19-2019 | Business consulting

    Humor is significantly important for promoting a company culture filled with productive, innovation and creativity. The leadership can organize a plethora of training programs for their managers and workforce but they may miss out on humor as one of the essential motivating factors in the workplace. An organization has to adopt openness in the workplace to boost productivity and innovation. With an increasing focus on meeting deadlines and targets, we are missing the humor in our workplaces. Humor encourages employees to indulge in creative efforts in different ways. It leads to more engagements within the team and as an organization as a whole. 

    People start to respect each others individual personality as well. People often come from environments where they are taught not to have fun or they are looked down upon if they act contrary to established norms. Even adding simple things to the company culture takes time. But at the same time, leaders must ensure that in the age of diversity. Humor activities do not end up hurting the feelings of someone. When people have a good time and feel joyful, it leads to a renewed sense of direction and energy among them. They feel more optimistic. Optimism is the most coveted feeling that any organization wants to have in their employees. Throughout history, optimism has enabled people to achieve remarkable results. People will take fewer leaves as well.  Moreover, the joyful environment in any organizations attracts more talent as more individuals realize the fact that they are going to spend the majority of their time of the day in the workspace. 

    Great companies have achieved impactful results when they focused on employee happiness and they always try to find ways to keep their workforce in a joyful mood. Changes in an organization come from top to down, so the managers have to be enlightened and trained on the aspects of having a fun and joyful environment in their teams. Change in an organization or a society starts with a single person. So if you want to make a change in the entire environment, you can start by making a change in yourself and it will reflect on everyone you command. If you are a manager, more people will feel like talking to you and discuss their issues. On the contrary, you will miss out on a lot of creativity, productivity, and innovation.  

    No matter how bizarre this approach is, Organizations can certainly give it a try and see if it works for them. After all, good humor has not done any harm to anyone.

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