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Inbound vs. Outbound Recruiting: Understanding the basics

Inbound vs. Outbound Recruiting: Understanding the basics | Posted Sep-02-2019 | Recruitment

    The terms inbound and outbound recruiting are used frequently and are shaping the landscape for talent acquisition. What is the difference between both of these widely use terms in HR arena. Which one should you adopt? Which one can benefit you?  We have laid down some insights for you to facilitate your decision making when it comes to prioritizing anyone of these two strategies. 

    In brief,

    Inbound recruiting is phenomenon where candidates approach the organization for hiring. Where as in outbound recruiting, the companies has to search for candidates on different mediums. 

    Both the recruitment strategies (i.e. inbound and outbound) have different approach but the objective is same Hiring the right talent for the organization. 

    Inbound recruiting The objective of inbound recruiting is to develop your company as an attractive employer. Making efforts in order to develop you as a coveted hiring company. An employer who is popular for its work culture, salary, flexible timing etc. 

    Outbound recruiting involves searching for candidates whenever there is an open position that is needed to be filled. It involves going to job portals or social mediums to invite candidate applications for the job openings. 

    Inbound recruiting is done keeping in perspective the long term hiring goals while outbound recruiting is more of a short perspective. If you are out to build a hiring stratergy, Inbound recruitment must be your first preference, as it serves a long term goal. Here, the organization’s aim is to develop itself in a brand that attracts highly skilled candidates. 

    Outbound recruiting is the only approach for most the organizations as they search for employees whenever a need arises. Those organizations should also carve out a strategy to portray it as desirable employer where people would like to apply for job. 

    You can miss on attractive talent if you choose not sharing relevant information and company culture with the outside world. Candidates these days ask for references and search for social profiles of the company before making joining decision. 
    Inbound and outbound recruiting can also be compared with inbound marketing and outbound sales. 

    Inbound marketing involves posting great stories, videos or content that attract repeated views and referrals. Subsequently, it leads to more sales. Hence, you could display employee testimonials, benefits and other similar things on various social mediums. People will notice your company and refer it. 

    On the other hand, outbound marketing involves reaching out to customers for making sales which is similar to reaching out to candidates and motivating them to apply for your company’s job openings. 

    However, both the strategies lead to the same destination. Companies reach out to candidates when they don’t get the desired talent through inbound recruiting. The objective of inbound recruiting strategy to continuously attract talent and build your talent base.

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