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Designation Hiring Mechanical Engineer for a manufacturing company
Job Description • Plan, prioritize, schedule and monitor emergency and regular repair/maintenance works for plant facilities, equipment and instruments; • Independently coordinate the repair and/or maintenance of all pumping station and wastewater treatment systems. • Develop and implement a format for documentation • Develop and implement formal procedures for Proactive Maintenance Techniques for corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance. • Work closely with the Heads of Engineering Unit and Operations/ Maintenance Unit to review technical specifications for equipment design and installation/post-installation support services. • Ensure the each facility and its associated equipment are operating within its design parameters and with the proper sequence of operation. • Ensure that routine monitoring, accurate documentation, and status report of all plants and equipment are carried out regularly. • Supervise the monitoring and troubleshooting of core plant components such including but not limited to pipeline networks, coarse screens, feed channels, wet wells, reactors, trickling filters, reactors, compressors, pumps, motors, motor starters, basic electrical systems, control systems, switch gear, motor control centers, emergency generators, and other related equipment. • Coordinate with Service Contractors on major repair works. • Ensure compliance to maintenance standards of plants and equipment manufacturers’ O&M recommendations. • Monitor service contractor’s work performance, billable hours, and quality of work, appearance, customer interface and job site management. • Maintain specific replacement parts inventories and manufacturers O&M manuals • Responsible for the perpetration of maintenance budgets, SOP, and Emergency Procedures • Any other duty as may be assigned by Management. INTERESTED APPLICANTS can apply here OR can mail us at
Desired Profile Please refer to the Job description above
Experience 3+ years
Location Delhi NCR
Qualification Engineering- Bachelor's Degree/ Master’s Degree
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