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Opening for Warranty Data Analyst
Job Description

Support Warranty Analytics Engineer.
Reviewing of customer part groupings, part numbers.

Upload data to repository.
Run standard reports using workspaces defined by Warranty Analytics Engineer.

Collect warranty data from global locations.
Track submissions & identify potential missing files.

Load each submission into Global Repository through Statistica.
Run through Statistical Rules workspaces and send reports to the submitters.

Run pre-established metrics workspaces and communicate alarms.
Verify accuracy of submission and results.

Research part number groups and assign charges to the correct PLEX locations and product lines.
Interact directly with some customer portals to review claims and recommend disposition.

Capture warranty claim/track returns through analysis process.
Monitor warranty trends/Detect potential warranty spikes.

Analyse and respond to warranty claims in the customer systems.
Responses to customer warranty claims through detailed analysis.

  • Experience required: 3+
  • Location: Bangalore
  • Reporting to:
  • Mode of Interview:
  • Job designation: Warranty Data Analyst
  • Qualification: B.Sc IT, Computers, Mathematics or Statistics
  • Key skills: Predictive Analytics/ Data Mining experience

  • Job Expiry Date: Mar-31-2018
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  • Recruiter Name: ruby
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Job has been expired