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Social Safeguard Coordinator

This job has expired.

Job Description

Client coordination on Project Affected Person ( PAP ) compensation disbursement / Resettle Action Plan ( RAP ).
Record maintenance on the same, coordination with Communities near the Site / Access to Site area including PAP for smooth operation of Site works, Training Staff on movement / to conduct good behavior with Communities around the Site area, Training the Staff and Communities on Health, medical and social issues, weekly / monthly report on Social aspects monitoring / movement etc.

Salary : USD 1,000 to 1,500/- per month according Qualification and Quality of experience.

Desired Skills & Experience

Experience:5 to 10 years


  • Experience required: 10 years experience and Five years in similar position
  • Location: Sierra Leone
  • Reporting to:
  • Mode of Interview: Telephonic and Face to Face
  • Job designation: Social Safeguard Coordinator
  • Qualification: Qualification in Sociology
  • Key skills: Client coordination,Training staff
  • Job Expiry Date: Mar-18-2019
  • Email id: