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Hiring a Spanish Teacher for IB School

This job has expired.

Job Description

The School  is seeking to appoint an enthusiastic Secondary School Spanish Teacher. He/She will have responsibility for teaching Spanish in Key Stages 3,4 and 5. As a well-qualified Spanish Teacher (holding at least a Masters in Spanish language), who has experience of teaching the IGCSE and IB programmes.

Teachers create a warm fostering environment in the classroom that facilitates learning. 
Teachers help impart knowledge to their students as per the defined curriculum.
Teachers mentor and nurture students and role model desirable progressive social attitudes and behaviour. 
Teachers work closely with other teachers in their Curriculum Area, their Assistant Curriculum and Curriculum Leaders, Key Stage Leaders and other the school leadership to ensure optimal student learning and teaching. 

Key Accountabilities :

Planning and preparing for students learning: 
Plan appropriately using knowledge and understanding of  School Context. 
Keep abreast of contemporary pedagogical approaches and work to implement best practice. 
Possess appropriate content knowledge. 
Have an understanding of students needs and abilities and design appropriate learning experiences. 
Identify appropriate learning outcomes for students. 
Plan and implement effective assessment for/of learning which enhances outcomes for students. 
Creating an effective learning environment: 
Create a respectful classroom environment. 
Establish an effective rapport with students and colleagues. 
Establish a culture for learning. 
Establish and maintain effective classroom management. 
Manage individual student behaviour. 
Manage physical space. 
Support students socially, emotionally and academically. 
Reinforce and reward positive behaviours. Teaching and learning: 
Communicate clearly. 
Use effective questioning and discussion techniques. 
Engage and motivate students in their learning. 
Provide feedback to students in a timely and developmental fashion. 
Meet individual needs through effective differentiation
Use technology effectively to support teaching and learning. 
Use resources effectively to support student learning. 
Incorporate the TBS Learner Profile attributes in their teaching. 

Desired Skills & Experience

Professional values and behaviours: 
Appreciate the diversity of TBS cultures and be sensitive to the needs and perceptions of the international community. 
Reflect on teaching and learning to improve practice.
Maintain accurate records. 
Know and understand school policies. 
Communicate with stakeholders in a timely fashion. 
Contribute to student life. 
Contribute to professional learning networks where appropriate. 
Grow and develop professionally within the   School context. 
Show professionalism at all times with all stakeholder groups.
Support colleagues. 
Put the needs of students first. 
Meet all deadlines. 
Understand and work to implement the school’s mission and values. 
Maintain high ethical standards and display integrity at all times. Competencies: Will follow Teaching Staff Competencies. 
Personal Attributes : 
Behaviour management skills. 
Passion for teaching. 
Ability to work in a team. 
Willingness to take on added responsibilities. 


Qualified teacher with a graduate degree. Masters degree preferred. 
Ability to engage students a cross ability ranges
  • Experience required: Experience of Teaching Spanish language
  • Location: Noida / Gurgaon
  • Reporting to:
  • Mode of Interview: Telephonic and Face to Face
  • Job designation: Spanish Teacher
  • Qualification: Post Graduate in Spanish Lanuage
  • Key skills: Excellent written and spoken English
  • Job Expiry Date: Apr-15-2019
  • Email id: