While most of the businesses look at outsourcing as forwarding a certain aspect of their business to a vendor, we see it as a partnership which, if successful, can harness the true potential of people and processes. Acreaty provides comprehensive and customizable suite of services which focuses on delivering quality results, efficiently and with faster turnaround time. The aim is to maximize the competitive advantage for our clients.

Acreaty has the following offerings as a part of its outsourcing services

People Outsourcing.


Project Outsourcing.


Process Outsourcing.

Executive Placements

Even the best organizational strategy can fail with a wrong person in the right job. Hiring relevant talent is the key to organisational growth and while there is no dearth of talent scouting for jobs, matching the skills with the requirement remains the key. Acreaty has been in the domain of executive placements for over a decade and can today boast of a highly skilled network of professionals across the country with an eye to identify talent and traits and map the skill set a candidate can bring on board. From start-ups to emerging companies and industry leaders, Acreaty has the experience of understanding talent requirements of organisations with varied business goals.

  • Head-Hunting
  • Executive Hiring
  • RPO
  • Bulk Hiring
  • Field Sourcing

Corporate Training

An improved business can be achieved only with improved capabilities of its work force. Acreaty offers corporate training services aiming at developing skills and strategic management capabilities based on the business and personnel requirements of an organization.

The training programs offered by Acreaty cover the following areas:

  • Learning and development
  • Process efficiency
  • Cost management
  • Training and learning administration

Business Advisory

Acreaty Consulting services deliver end to end solutions and services to help your business transform in the right way. At Acreaty, our primary objective remains to help organization realize business value through increased efficiency and effectiveness of services and processes.

Acreaty brings the following expertise on board for its clients:

  • Business strategy
  • Business excellence
  • Brand building
  • India entry strategy