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Recruitment Consultant Company 5 Important steps that must be practiced by recruitment companies in India

5 Important steps that must be practiced by recruitment companies in India
As a recruitment consultant company, getting clients, recruiting and then hiring the best -fit employees for them can pose a huge challenge whether your client is a start-up business or a well-reputed brand in the market.

In India, the recruitment industry is very fragmented as there are so many agencies/companies out there claiming to be the best. There can be very crucial tasks to post a job ad, sift through large number of resumes, and, ultimately getting any selected from your client and choosing someone to join the open job position in your client’s company. But selecting the wrong person can lead to blurred relations with clients and the risk is highly considerable in consulting business for recruitment companies in India. It costs valuable time of yours team. On contrary, if everything goes right, the time and expenses used to hire the candidate for your client can be a big investment for future business acquisitions as well.

Here are 5 important steps you need to practice if you are currently recruiting or planning to hire for your client company

1) Considering a fixed process: Whether client has given you junior position, middle position or a senior executive position, Consultant Company should follow the well-defined steps to hire candidates for each and every position. This helps to avoid problem within in-house team and with clients.

2) Focusing more on personality: Keeping an eye more on personal skills, attributes & fleshing out the job role being filled through the selection turns out to be boon for a recruitment consultant. Considering personality, skill set, and experience level requirement helps you more in selecting the cream candidates and showing some good results to your client with the short span of time. Primarily focus on personality, selecting the candidates and then secondarily categorizing them on the basis of skills, job responsibilities etc. results in the non-cumbersome selection process.

3) Spreading the word through ultimate job description & promotions: India has got one of the brightest talent pools in the world. Any recruiter can take this benefit by crafting a suitable job description and then promoting that on the right platforms whether it’s social media profiles or other job portals. There are also some trends about preparing videos on job openings and using every opportunity to draw in best-fit candidates. Asking your recruitment team peers and friends for recommendations works out to be wonderful action when you are looking to spread the word on urgent job openings from your clients.

4) Making questions list for candidates: Imagine about the ideal candidate for the particular job opening and then prepare a list of personality-cracking questions in line with your understanding. This really helps to get good fit candidates shortlisted who ‘ll be invited in for face-to-face interviews and further interaction with you.

5) Do Reference checks: Background checks through references, education & career documents ensure you a lot about the selected candidates. Talking to their past employers can be useful as the final opportunity.