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Recruitment Solutions

  • Get active job seekers for your openings.
  • Continuous supply of quality talent by a skilled & experienced team of Recruiters.
  • Access a large database of job applicants.
  • Flexibility to hire candidates from different geographies and backgrounds.

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We have delivered recruitment solutions to organizations of all sizes.


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Acreaty offers efficient recruitment solutions at effective costs.


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We deliver customized recruitment solutions to our clients.


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Acreaty as a Recruitment Solutions Company

The growth of an organization depends on its people and its capital. The growth of any organization largely depends on its people, their talents, knowhow and productivity. In this era of specialization, it makes better business sense for an organization to invest and partner with a recruitment services specialist who can fulfill the hiring solutions in the best possible way.

Needless to say, that a suitable and strategic recruitment process outsourcing for recruitment services holds the key to talent acquisition. A well thought out and executed recruitment and hiring process, will minimize the risks of hiring unsuitable candidates that do not match the job requirements and skill sets, where as if your process has loop holes, you can end up with the wrong candidate.

Herein, a specialized recruitment consultancy solutions provider can play a critical role in ensuring that you hire the right fit. It also helps to conserve and use your internal resources more efficiently.

Acreaty India is a HR Recruitment Consultancy Agency in India offering professional recruitment and hiring solutions across a host of business verticals.

We believe in the science behind the recruitment function and deliver professional recruitment services accordingly.

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Advantages of enlisting a Recruitment Experts Firm

  • Planned and methodical approach
  • Experience across industry functions
  • Keen understanding of organizational requirements
  • Extensive candidate pool
  • Lowered recruitment costs
  • Talent acquisition and talent management specialists
  • Proficient at recruitment
  • Can cater to Pan India needs
  • Updated technology , skilled staff and infrastructure

Acreaty Recruitment Solutions caters to the whole range of recruiting solutions for the organization as a whole, or a business vertical or even if you need some specific time bound recruitment.

Through our Recruitment Process Outsourcing services we give our customers a cost effective, time bound and highly professional solution.

With evolving needs of businesses to meet the demands and expectations of the emerging economic scenarios, the professional recruitment services industry has been growing and incorporating new ways to fulfill the demands.

Our Recruiting Expert Solutions:

Acreaty Recruitment Consultancy is an experienced and tested staffing and hiring Solutions Company who can place the right candidate for the right job. This eliminates worry, time and resources of our clients and assists them with quick and right placement. A quick turnaround time in hiring the right candidate ensures that the position does not remain unfulfilled, and that the company does not incur additional business loss, due to a vacant position.

So, a recruitment solutions company can hasten the recruiting process, thereby enhancing employer’s productivity and impacting bottom lines positively.

Being a leading recruitment agency in India, we have access to a large data pool of candidates and offer top class, professional and trust-worthy recruitment services.

We maintain close connections with candidates as well, and hence we always know where they are situated on their career path and in case of any urgent requirement, we are able to place them quickly.

Pan-India Presence

We have a well-trained and professional recruitment function team, who can deliver recruitment solutions to meet any Pan India, multi locational recruitment solutions.

We are amongst a handful of specialized recruitment services consultants in India who can provide top notch hiring services and cater to mass hiring as well as vertical function hiring.

Our range of services, our experience in the Indian recruitment solutions industry since the last 20 years combined with our guarantee of trust has made us the preferred recruitment solutions company.

Once you contact Acreaty Recruitment Solutions Company for all your recruitment needs, you will have a superior user experience and we will fulfill all your recruitment solutions for business. Log on to our recruitment websites to know more about us.

Our Hiring Process

  • Evaluate the client requirements
  • Get acquainted with reporting structures
  • Plan and strategize
  • Identify suitable candidates
  • Understand the candidate’s mindset
  • Screening of candidates screened through interviews/tests
  • Prepare detailed dossier on candidates’ profiles
  • Set up meeting between the client and candidate
  • Salary negotiation
  • Reference checks, Job Offer, Placement

Recruitment Experts

The team at Acreaty Recruitment Solutions Company is comprised of professional recruitment function experts who are committed to matching career-minded professionals with the appropriate jobs, more effectively and efficiently.

Acreaty Recruitment Agency offers strategic services for establishing, nurturing and growing your recruitment initiatives. We have an experienced Pan India team of recruitment specialists who function as solution providers for various challenges faced by our clients. Our recruitment website carries all details of our services.

Developing a Talent Acquisition Team

Constituting a talent acquisition or recruitment solutions company is not solely about having people who can make calls and speak to people about the job. Hiring the right talent is critical to the success of your company as it is people who face your customers. So every process ranging from customer service to operations has to have the right talent to deliver the results that your customer seeks.

Rather than getting lost in the recruiting process, by attempting to do it yourself and increasing your recruitment costs, organization can highly benefit from the expert know how and Recruitment Solutions Consultancy services by our recruitment specialists, and constitute a recruitment and hiring team with the potential to deliver ingenious results.

Outlining Hiring Methods and Practices

Our Recruitment Solutions for business are specialists and offer you premium consultancy services for formulating recruitment tactics, process protocols and methods that also consider recruitment cost. We deliver tailor made solutions after an in depth evaluation of your operating market, business eco-system, and hiring needs.

Acreaty Recruitment Solutions has recruitment specialists to cater to specific industry verticals. We make the process very simple for you. All you need to do is brief us with a detailed requirement sheet and we will fulfill and take care of all the recruitment hiring issues at extremely cost effective prices. Our recruitment website carries all detailed information on our capabilities and processes.

Leadership Hiring

It is always a challenge for organizations to fill up key senior leadership positions, more so at offshore locations or new offices. As a leading recruitment solutions company, you can easily outsource your Recruitment Process Outsourcing to us, without any worries.

Take advantage of our specialized and strategic recruiting process and recruitment solutions management services and leave it to us to deliver your recruitments solution in an effortless and seamless manner.

Visit our recruitment solutions company website or call us and give us a chance to prove our competency and professionalism and find a solution. Visit our recruitment website where you will come to know that we are one of the most professional and technologically advanced recruitment agency in India, who handles end to end recruitment process outsourcing process.

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Why Acreaty is a reliable recruitment solutions firm

recruitment solutions

Quality of Candidates

We provide you quality talents from across various locations.

extra save money

Extra Savings

Save the unnecessary expenditure on hiring and training employees and marketing team.

Skilled Recruiters

Skilled Recruiters

Our recruiters are hand-picked and groomed to deliver results under challenging circumstances.


Flexibility In Services

We provide you the freedom to choose services at our disposal.



With our RPO services, you can take your business anywhere across the globe.

fast response time

Fast Response Time

We deliver a fast response time to any queries or urgent issues.

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

We provide expert advice on your hiring needs, talent acquisition planning & strategy.

Continuous Updates

Continuous Updates

Our team updates our clients on frequent intervals on project developments.

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