Acreaty Outsourcing

In today’s scenario, hiring managers face a tough environment where everyone is looking out for talent. Every organization wants to hire the best people for their business. Hiring people for your organization involves use of latest technologies and techniques.. In addition to that, the hiring team should be proficient in various steps of the recruitment process like creating the roles, collecting the candidates’ profiles and screening out the best talent from all these profiles.

Acreaty is a recruitment Outsourcing company which has been operating since 25+ years. We have been acquiring quality talent for small, medium and large organizations across India and the globe since our inception.

The success of a business proportionally depends upon the quality of talent it hires. Skilled people help business gain competitive advantage in this era of intensified competition.

Acreaty use the latest tools, technology, skills and strategies to find you the best talent for your business growth. Through years of dedication, service and successful project deliveries in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, we have earned credibility and trust of reputed organizations across the world.

We work as a part of clients’ organization. From creation of profiles to managing the entire recruitment process to on boarding the new hire in the organization, we carry our responsibilities with sheer dedication, transparency and responsibility.

Apart from this, we have delivered talent over various geographic location in the span of 25+ years.

We have the infrastructure and capabilities to handle mass recruitments and we possess a track record of delivering to the clients expectations. Acreaty also takes of all the regulatory compliance which is a critical component of RPO process.

With Acreaty as a recruitment partner, organizations carry the confidence and flexibility to execute projects and focus on revenue generating activities.

1. Quality of candidates

We provide you quality talents from across various locations.

2. Extra Savings

Save the unnecessary expenditure on hiring and training employees and marketing team.

3. Skilled recruiters

Our recruiters are hand-picked and groomed to deliver results under challenging circumstances. They have experience of working on various client-projects.

4. Flexibility in services

We provide you the freedom to choose services at our disposal.

5. Customized solutions

We customized our solutions according to the needs and budget of the clients.

6. Scalability

With our RPO services, you can take your business anywhere across the globe.

7. Fast response time

We deliver a fast response time to any queries or urgent issues.

8. Expert guidance

We provide expert advice on your hiring needs and talent acquisition planning.

9. Continuous updates

Our team updates our clients on frequent intervals on project developments.

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