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  • Team of knowledgeable professionals for end to end IT recruitment.
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  • Mapping the skills of the IT candidates as per the requirements of companies.
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As a leading IT staffing company, we have over 19 years of experience in IT recruitment and IT staffing services


Database Of Candidates

Through the years as a value based HR and IT Staffing Company, we have accumulated a huge data pool of candidates.


Customized Solutions

We have been quite flexible and offer customized solutions as an IT staffing company.


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We have received recognition for our IT staffing services.


Acreaty is a process oriented Pan India staffing and recruiting firm specializing in IT recruiting. We have adapted and customized the scaling and resource management process to offer value added services to our clients.

We are one of the leading IT staffing companies and assist organizations, who avail of our outsourcing services in expanding quickly in evolving IT sector! We offer customized workforce solutions to cater to your unique needs.

One of the leading HR recruiters, Acreaty is a process-oriented IT staffing company whose sole-perspective is to professionally handle the process of recruitment. As a premier staffing agency, we’ve adapted and customized the scaling and resource management process. We aim to provide our clients with a value-based offering with a mutual understanding.

During the last decades, the market has seen rapid technological development around the globe. Companies have started focusing on their core services, while increasing the range of outsourcing services of the non-core operations to placement agencies. The most critical task is to properly incorporate and utilize this technical innovation while retaining a high-efficiency level, to be able to provide holistic manpower and workforce solutions. Acreaty is a versatile IT staffing company who can, on your behalf provide skilled employment to talented process-centric workers who can solve this.

In today's fast-paced environment, the role of a staffing agency in providing adequately trained IT personnel is crucial. To remain ahead of the respective business verticals, businesses require achieving a strategic edge. Acreaty is among the leading technology staffing agencies specializing in delivering strategic IT staffing by qualified and experienced personnel’s.

When many businesses find it impossible to recruit workers to carry out their duties effectively, recruitment agencies like Acreaty assist them by undertaking several staffing activities. With the people hired by technology staffing firms in India, we tend to contribute by offering our successful IT recruitment services to businesses wanting to optimize existing technologies and expertise.

IT Staffing and HR Recruiters

Out of the multitude of staffing companies. Acreaty, stands out as a leading IT staffing companies, acts as an HR department for a company, doing all of the duties needed to be implemented to hire skilled and trained employees. Besides providing IT staffing consultant services, and administering disciplinary actions, Acreaty also keeps track of business standards and enforces all of the significant steps to save revenue in every way possible, in addition to administering corrective proceedings. Via our strategic IT recruitment and hiring strategies, we focus on providing organizations with a more versatile and agile workforce.

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Find specialized talent with our Technical Staffing Services

As an IT staffing company and professional recruitment agency, we assist those companies that do not have adequate resources to hire qualified professionals for their requirements. Our technical manpower and recruiting team specifically understands the niche roles needed by the client's business and further assists in connecting the client with highly skilled and educated professionals to help a company expand extensively. We have a database of highly skilled and seasoned experts, who are in need of employment to relieve an organization of all recruitment-related activities. Our IT staffing solutions are flexible and focused on achieving specific objectives.

Acreaty, as a leading IT staffing agency, tends to recruit a diverse team of experts who can seamlessly serve you with right employment prospects capable of taking your company to new heights of achievement to fulfill the IT challenges of the company. Unlike other HR recruiters and staffing companies, we ensure to follow a stringent protocol to locate a suitable applicant on time. As a specialized staffing agency, we have developed employment recruitment strategies that allow us to concentrate only on qualified and worthy candidates. Whether it's a contract-to-hire, a contract staffing, or a permanent position, we manage it all. As a strategic IT Staffing company , we follow a methodical approach for various manpower recruiting types and take several steps to introduce an efficient staff hiring process by focusing on the company's needs.

  • Client analysis

    To start with, we first look at the manpower requirements. We concentrate not only on the number of candidates needed but also on the sort of candidates the organization needs, be it permanent recruitment or temporary. Our hiring managers know how to spot the right applicants for your business, both professionally and culturally. To consider the applicant for the next stage of the recruiting process, we consider his technical qualifications, expertise, and experience. Our unique model of client analysis makes us one of the best staffing companies in India.

  • Sourcing
  • We have a distinct and committed team of sourcing experts who are exclusively responsible for the initial prospect acquisition. An organization in need of technically skilled personnel will benefit from the assistance of our sourcing team, which uses various methods to identify specialized talent. For e.g. as a specialist IT staffing company, we understand that the needs of the IT sector will be different from that of the banking sector. Staffing companies have ready access to a large data pool of front end candidates.

  • Screening
  • Acreaty as a recruiter starts the process for permanent recruitment by filtering the selection of applicants based on their strengths and qualifications, in addition to only assessing the candidate's resume. Intending to find the right match for the desired position, we begin the screening process by conducting interviews, reviewing the prospects' backgrounds, and evaluating the applicants' abilities to see if he/she falls into the required framework.

  • Selection
  • Staffing companies pick a candidate based on the outcome of the previous phases. The candidate's forms and certifications are checked during the staffing selection process.

  • Interviewing and profile forwarding
  • We hold a thorough discussion with an individual to evaluate the methods they can use to communicate with teams. Furthermore, we consider the experience required to fill the open vacancy. After keeping the candidates' profiles, we send their profiles to the client to get them shortlisted and approved.

  • Performance monitoring
  • Despite the fact that all of the recruitment measures have been done, as staffing companies, our job is not yet finished! Under our technical staffing, we ensure to assess the candidate's success to determine whether or not the client is pleased with our service.

    Business and staffing strategies we use to help our client to achieve success- Our workforce solutions:

  • We make out a reasonable balance sheet since the client may have a small budget; hence, we search for applicants who full fill both their criteria and their budget.
  • Service oriented IT recruitment and staffing companies like us plan our strategies in such a way that even recruiting 100 or more contract employees can be achieved in a very coordinated manner.
  • Our staff requests input on all of the employees that we have employed for a client's company, even for temporary staff. The analysis assists us in fine-tuning our recruitment strategies, allowing us to select the right prospects even more quickly.
  • Though we prefer well-experienced and qualified applicants, we are a placement agency that also believes in recruiting people who can learn and grasp concepts quickly. We choose candidates that are culturally compatible and can excel with some training and encouragement.
  • No matter how much experience an applicant has, we consider a quality employee every time.
  • Why choose Acreaty's as an IT staffing consultant and Technology Staffing Services?

    • Companies are now, more than ever relying HR outsourcing services to specialized firms:
    • As a specialized technical recruitment agency, we understand the unique needs of the technology sector.

    • Creating and cultivating a strong sales culture:
    • Our unique talent services and staffing services aim to create and sustain a community in which everybody prioritizes the company's growth. .

    • Using a unified sales, recruiting, and marketing strategy:
    • As we are an end to end IT staffing company, we concentrate on sales, recruiting, and marketing. These three foundations of hiring that help us drive sales are usually integrated. Our holistic staffing solutions, ensure that we are the preferred option from amongst other staffing companies.

    • Valuable relationship with clients:
    • Of the many staffing services available, as a competent recruiter, we aim to bring value to our clients' services to stand out. As a result, we take a strategic approach to ensure that our client relationships stay consistent and hence we become their preferred choice when it comes to hiring the services of an IT staffing company.

    • A never-ending training process:
    • As an IT staffing company, who companies hire for HR outsourcing services, we understand the need for regular and continuous trainings to meet the ever evolving needs of the IT sector. There is always the potential for growth, and our staffing service takes advantage of this by holding regular training sessions for the staff.

    • Sharing of philosophies:
    • Companies, all in all, search for IT staffing solutions and IT talent services that share their basic beliefs and philosophies. Furthermore, prospective clients like to hear about the staffing company's recruitment services and contract activities. As a responsible IT staffing company, we at Acreaty provide all necessary knowledge to its clients, including business standards and methodologies used.

    • Developing robust sales processes:
    • Our expertise as a technical recruitment and employment agency allow staffing companies like Acreaty to design systems that are reliable and effective. Hence, we consider our principles, the number of potential clients, and the efficiency of potential clients.

    Acreaty as a prominent IT recruitment and IT staffing company offers a diversity of manpower for IT sector job seekers for which we offer staffing services and customized workforce solutions for the Information Technology sector.

  • Network architect
  • IT coordinator
  • Service desk analyst
  • Wireless network engineer
  • Cloud infrastructure architect
  • Technical architect
  • IT systems architect
  • Database analyst
  • SQL database administrator
  • Big data engineer
  • Business systems analyst
  • Intelligence specialist
  • Java developer
  • Back-end developer
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