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Payroll Outsourcing Services

  • 20+ years of payroll processing experience.
  • Payroll Related Compliances.
  • PAN India Presence.
  • Reduce your operating cost with our payroll services.
  • PF/ESI Consultant.
  • Labour law Compliance.
  • Low touch, intelligent & secure platform solution.
  • Custom Dashboards, Reports and Analytics.

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A Single Portal for Complete Payroll Process

Experienced Team

We have a team of experienced employees in the area of the payroll management system, which enables us to deliver seamless payroll services to the organizations.


Cost Effective

As one of the leading payroll providers in India, we provide high-quality HR and payroll services at an effective cost to companies so that they can save money and focus on their core business activities.


Customized Solutions

Customized payroll services curated by our in house team of experts to clients as per their specific needs.


Award Winnng Services

Our reputation exceeds us- We are well known for our immaculate HR services. We have built long term relationships with our clients on the basis of work delivery and quality of our HR and payroll services.


Acreaty A Leading Payroll Outsourcing & Management Company

Payroll Processing is an essential and significant function of any organization. Payroll can be a demanding function; since it requires smooth execution of several complex tasks like salary calculations, tax compliance, provident fund, and many more activities.

Acreaty has been delivering payroll outsourcing services for almost 2 decades. We are a leading company offering Payroll services in India and have the right experience and team to offer HR solutions and payroll software to carry out the functionalities of payroll processing to perfection. Our clients include a number of large and mid-size companies from around the globe to whom we offer top class payroll solutions.

Role of Acreaty in Payroll Processing and Payroll Solutions

Acreaty is one of India's leading companies providing professional and extensive payroll and HR services in India, As part of our complete HR Solutions, we provide versatile and robust payroll services through payroll software that can remove a big logistical burden on management system and allow them to focus on core business operations.

We let the company spend time, resources and technology towards their own business growth by Outsourcing their Payroll Process. There used to be a time where the firms were following the system of handing out cash by the end of the day. Later, Payroll services developed into a very complicated operation due to which multiple firms in India emerged in the Payroll outsourcing services business.

Acreaty HR Services has been in the payroll outsourcing service in India from decades and working with hundreds of companies, including emerging businesses, as well as well-established multinational corporations. We have developed a robust payroll processing system. We enjoy a presence in Pan-India that helps us to effectively address the client's diverse needs in HR and payroll services across the country. More points to determine the credibility of Acreaty in payroll services are below.

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Acreaty’s Payroll Services India

Payroll management and payroll process is not only about compensation but also involves accounting reports related to the employee's job background, such as deductions, salary slips, overtime, bonuses, taxes, and much more from system . From payroll management services to the convergence of potent solutions, like payroll, human development, employee compensation, employee services, time, and attendance, we have a definite strategy for you with proper statutory function.

We keep it clear and convenient while still providing you with a robust system and reliable way for Payroll outsourcing services within statutory law. Details about the payroll solutions we offer you under payroll management are listed here.

  • Attendance Management System, Maintaining new employees & resigned worker details, Bonuses, Promotions, Advance payments
  • Payroll software
  • Robust Payroll Processing system
  • Online payroll services
  • Global Payroll Services
  • Maintaining Employee Records and Register from joining to termination
  • Maintaining the Monthly Payroll Records, Tax Records and Reimbursement Records
  • Journal vouchers report
  • Income tax return processing and filling
  • F&F settlement process according to the organization's policy
  • Labour law Compliance.
  • HR tax online
  • Reports, MIS, and Journal vouchers
  • Online investment proof verification
  • Online reimbursement and approval
  • Form 16/12B with digital signature
  • Our experience as a payroll services company

Our experience as a Payroll Services Company

We got the opportunity to work with leading corporations in India over a long span of our existence. On our journey of becoming India's finest HR services and Payroll outsourcing service company we have grown quite considerably. We have learned the importance of reliable estimates, timely deliveries, and seamless and robust payroll service and payroll process in accordance to the statutory law.

Today, Acreaty HR Services is considered by numerous organizations in India to be a trustworthy partner providing cutting-edge and easy-to-use HR solutions and payroll solutions regardless of scale. We provide the benefit of offering payroll outsourcing services through a team of experienced people in Payroll services with knowledge about the statutory law. Over the years of practice, we guarantee salaries and tax calculations will be carried out in compliance with the applicable regulations and data security will be implemented.

So you won't regret investing time and valuable money to execute complicated HR and payroll services and payroll administration with us. In the event of minor errors and lapses, you won't have to think about government penalties. Through our specialist expertise in developing a robust payroll processing system consisting of efficient payroll service and payroll software, you won't have to stay up-to-date with several applications that need to be filled out daily.

Payroll outsourcing has become the norm in corporate India and implies the outsourcing of Payroll management and payroll services to a specialized Payroll Processing firm. By hiring the expert services of a specialized payroll service provider, organizations can conserve their resources as internal audits, employment taxes, tax liability, revenue, and expenditures , pay slip systems can be easily handled by the third party in compliance with government regulations at the year-end. Businesses usually need outsourcing payroll services to minimize overheads, reduce the HR employees work load and deliver transparent pay structure.

It is a big decision to trust a new partner to manage the payroll outsourcing services. Through transferring responsibility for HR services and Payroll to Acreaty, our clients do not need to worry about delays or errors in the payroll services. It also allows the HR employee to focus on more productive work. We ensure that you have chosen the right payroll provider for your organization by offering the best payroll outsourcing services that is merged with an excellent payroll software to create a streamlined payroll processing system.

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Years of Experience

Why choose Acreaty for payroll outsourcing?

accuracy payroll

Accuracy payroll

Absolute accuracy in payroll solutions is one of the key benefits you get when recruit us to meet your payroll service related needs. Our well-qualified team can handle payroll outsourcing services correctly without any error and provide payroll solutions with 100% accuracy.

speed payroll

Speed payroll

Speed is a further benefit of outsourcing payroll to us. When you do payroll administration on your own, you'll need hours and it won't spare you much time to work on key company activities. We offer the best payroll outsourcing services to the clients with fast delivery solutions.

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is another huge advantage of outsourcing the organization's payroll management to us at a reasonable cost, since you don't have to set up a payroll staff for your office while you obtain payroll outsourcing services from us.

Error-free service

Error-free service

We provide error-free HR and payroll services outsourcing to the clients from our experienced payroll services staff. Our fully automated payroll processing reduces the chance of mistakes. You can therefore depend entirely on us for accessing error-free payroll services. We are the preferred outsourcing services partners for many leading organizations.

Time saver

Time saver

We give a significant time-saving advantage to the businesses that are outsourcing payroll services to us. You can spend a substantial amount of time in your core business functions, by employing us as your payroll solutions provider and outsourcing payroll services to us.

Convenience and flexibility

Convenience and flexibility

We provide flexibility to companies who are outsourcing payroll services to us as per their convenience that is a key factor in choosing us to manage payroll. Our payroll outsourcing services are flexible enough to deal with contingencies without letting you fall into a state of panic.

Confidentiality and reliability

Confidentiality and reliability

We offer reliable payroll outsourcing services with our cutting-edge data security program agreeing to our client’s confidentiality. We are a reliable payroll service provider in India that gives quality assurance while entirely fulfilling your HR and Payroll services related business needs.

Smooth functioning

Smooth functioning

We coordinate the management and deliver payroll services to your organizations through a smooth approach. Administering the organization's payroll management with smooth functioning is assured by our trained workforce of payroll providers.

Guaranteed satisfaction

Guaranteed satisfaction

We guarantee total peace of mind by preventing incorrect staff salary slips, tax penalties by ensuring that the main company practices are duly done as per the legislation. We provide absolute success towards satisfying the needs of businesses by offering the best payroll processing system and payroll outsourcing services.

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