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Manpower Outsourcing

  • Customized manpower outsourcing services.
  • 20+ years of operational expertise in personnel management.
  • Performance-based approach.
  • Temporory Staffing.
  • Third Party Management.
  • Contratual Workforce.

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Manpower outsourcing for sales and marketing has become very popular in recent times. With temporary staffing services businesses saved huge coss. Acreaty can help businesses grow, while we focus on sales and marketing along with bulk hiring like ISR, Marketing Officer, etc. We can provide manpower consultancy and accomplish the process efficiently.



Outsourcing contractual staffing for delivery services can provide a range of benefits, from cost savings to scalability. Companies can use outsourcing services in all or some parts of their delivery operations, including pick-up and drop-off, sorting and packing, returns, and more. It proves to be a great option for new businesses.



By outsourcing temporary staffing services, businesses can collaborate with financial professionals and use accounting software without putting in effort and time in training more staff. Temporary employment services can offer a lot of easement in this field. This also opens doors to more professionals and skilled services at low cost.


Data Entry/Back Office

Acreaty provides access to a pool of manpower services, that can handle complex data tasks, as well as manage all back office operations easily. This helps in the smooth running of the business functions. The permanent staff gets time for important business operations while the backend is being taken care of.



Contacting an outsourcing company for IT services is the best option possible. Acreaty can help businesses with technology that they may not have in-house at a efficient cost. The security segment is also well taken care of. Contractual staffing is always advised for this department in the skill sets like Developers, Cyber security, etc.


Retails/Store Promoters/Merchandise

We can help take care of your in-store operations in a cost-effectively. No more issues like overstaffing or understaffing; the saffwill be professionals indeed. Acreaty has a large database of associates as Promoters, ISR, Merchandisers, etc for the last two decades providing our temporary staffing services in the Retail and FMCG industry.


Fleet Technician

Our Fleet technicians are experienced professionals who specialize in the maintenance and repair of vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and other specialized vehicles. They are able to provide services such as tests, repairs, and maintenance. By outsourcing the management of the fleet, businesses can ensure that their vehicles are safe at all times.



We offer the best outsourced contractual staffing solutions for the healthcare sector as well. This can save up a lot of time in your business and fill gaps quickly. Our healthcare personnel are well-trained individuals who can take up any challenge that comes their way during the course of employment.



We offer skilled and professional labor when it comes to manpower outsourcing of the same. Our staff is chosen by different stages of selection, saving your business a lot of time in screening procedures. They can be needed at any time or not at all, so temporary staffing is always a good idea.



Outsourcing drivers is a great way to hire drivers to transport goods and drive otherwise. It not only saves money but also ensures that a vehicle is in safe hands. Our pool of drivers are experts on roads and any terrain, and you would no longer have to worry about anything.


Cook & Chef

If you are a catering business or restaurant owner and looking for a professional chef to prepare delicacies then you are at the right place. We have trained chefs from all over who can prepare mouth-watering dishes in no time. Acreaty takes care of all your business needs whatsoever.


Labs Research Executive

If you are looking for an efficient solution for your lab or research facility then you are at the right place. We have professionals who are bright minds and work for their passion. We can help you with the right lab research executive in a short time with the best manpower consultancy.


Outsourcing can be defined as the process in which a company handover selected business operation to an expertise firm. Outsource your manpower services, to Acreaty for an efficient output, Proper personnel management and a complete management of HR services under optimized care.

The Need For Manpower Outsourcing

Business market competition is increasing day by day and thus company’s workforce requirements are changing accordingly. People outsourcing is one of the best ways to manage your company’s performance in order to deliver the best projects. In candidate outsourcing, Acreaty India will help your organization in all possible ways of hiring candidates based on your requirements and choices. We are among the best people outsourcing companies in India.

Acreaty offers a single window solution for all process outsourcing requirements. From feildsourcing to generating productivity report, our focus remains on cost optimization. Acreaty also offers an indigenous employee self-service portal (ESS) where employees can view their details including their salary, tax, policy access and other personal details. It also allows them to initiate Human Resource process.

  • Temporary workforce Solution
  • Permanent Employees
  • Third party payroll candidates
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Be it a short term project or a long term business requirement, our HR team will provide only the cream quality and skilled candidates for your organizational needs. Our main focus is to add valuable and mindful professionals for all your business needs. In our past work experiences we have had cater the recruitment needs of top companies efficiently and timely.

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