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Corporate Training Company In India

An improved business can be achieved only with improved capabilities of its work force. Acreaty offers corporate training services aiming at developing skills and strategic management capabilities based on the business and personnel requirements of an organization.

The training programs offered by Acreaty cover the following areas:

  • Learning and development
  • Process efficiency
  • Cost management
  • Training and learning administration

Our corporate training solutions provide a broad range of corporate coaching programs that are focused on improving individual performance, team performance and hence essentially the business performance of the organisation. Combined with entry and exit gate assessments, our solutions facilitate training resources to maximize business efficiency as well as personal growth for the employees.

Acreaty offers training on the following areas:

Functional Training:

At the core of our suite of offerings remain training for two strong and emerging industries, viz. FMCG and Retail. The areas we cover for the functional training for both verticals include:

For FMCG :

  • Personality development
  • Mapping of locations/market route plan (distributor visit based on the PJP)
  • Time management
  • Managing Carrying and Forwarding / Depot coordination
  • Know your company/ Know your product
  • Selling skills
  • Smart sales calls
  • How to increase reach product availability
  • Visibility
  • Reporting/ communication/ feedback

For Retail :

  • Self-hygiene/Grooming
  • Cleanliness of store
  • Cleaning the shelf
  • Proper stocking of the shelf
  • Correct price tags/signs
  • Correct adjacencies/ Logical flow of products
  • Greeting/Attending the customer with a smile
  • Behavior with the customer
  • Trying to understand customer's need by asking open ended questions
  • Developing sense of ownership while operating in the store
  • Develop habit of helping each other in tasks
  • Taking and acting on feedback given by the customer
Induction programs

With the attrition rates on a constant increase, a good induction program is essential for holding the new recruits and cementing their loyalty for the organization.Acreaty offers customized induction plans based on the functional and business needs of the organization. Ensuring a complete understanding of the culture as well as the requirements for task at hand, our efforts are focused on making the transition of the new recruits into their respective roles smooth and efficient.

Skill upgradation

Acreaty offers several employability programs to sharpen the skills and enable employees to cope up with multifunctional tasking. This includes training programs like personality development program, language proficiency, motivational program, and other soft skills training.

Certification training programs:

From HR training to English speaking courses, Acreaty offers a wide array of certificate training programs which encompasses comprehensively all the aspects of the subject. These certificate programs are designed for various levels of understanding of the subject beginning from introductory level to expert level programs.

And while we provide tailor made training solutions, we know that design of the training program is the most important element. Hence while designing a training program the most important aspect remains the business goal, organizational requirements and desired behavioral changes. Training is provided through the use of intensive role playing, case studies, brainstorming and simulations. The programs are also designed with built-in follow up programs to ensure complete understanding and implementation of the actionable points covered by the training module.

The process starts by getting a clear understanding of the training need analysis. Apart from the learning objective, Acreaty also shares clear and precise measurement metrics which indicate the level of understanding gained based on the training conducted.

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