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  • Temporary and permanent staffing solutions.
  • Get a continuous supply of quality talent by an experienced team of recruiters.
  • 15+ years of experience in the HR services industry.
  • PAN India presence.

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We have delivered staffing solutions for over 15+ years.

Staffing solutions

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We have been quite flexibile as a staffing company.


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Acreaty As A Staffing company

Acreaty is a well experienced and a top-rated human resource and staffing company in India. We provide a range of staffing solutions which are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients and specific industries. Acreaty has a well-trained team which has the experience of working in human resource on a wide range of staffing projects. Acreaty has proved its metal in the staffing services by providing staff solutions to challenging openings and positions. We have a Pan India presence with offices in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai and Bangalore. India is a geographically and culturally diverse country and hiring workers from local population is a priority for us while delivering staffing services.

Our track record in staffing with our clients proves our reliability as staffing agency in India. We have been working with clients from diverse sectors like FMCG, IT, Consumer Durables, Consulting, Retail, Telecom and more. It provides us credibility and a confidence to work with new firms across every industry.

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Temporary Staffing Company In India

Temporary staffing can be referred to recruiting the staff for a particular job for a limited period of time. But, why do businesses need to hire workforce for a specific period of time. Why does human resource of a company prefer temporary employment? What can the temporary employees achieve for the business?

Hiring employees for a short period and doing all the paperwork and formalities can be an inconvenient and resource draining task for any company. Acreaty has been taking care of contract staffing needs of its clients for around two decades. Acreaty saves you the trouble of hiring staff and further carrying their payroll and documentation. In temporary staffing solutions, we hire staff for you and they work on our payroll. Temp staffing empowers you to allocate your precious times and resources on more valuable tasks. Choosing the right temporary staff for employee placement is also a valuable skill, which Acreaty has gained by working on various job openings and temporary staffing projects. With the increase in talent demand and growth of technology. More and more companies are opting for temporary staffing solutions in India.

Of 1.3 million temporary workers employed in organized sector, 10% will constitute temporary workforce by 2025. Temporary job seekers who are looking for a job are being hired at all levels from junior to senior most management. There are a number of legislations which restricts temporary staffing solutions and makes it more difficult for companies. Acreaty is a reputed human resource firm that has proven itself as a reliable partner in temporary staffing solutions arena; you can leave all the hassles of temporary hiring on us and focus on your projects.

Temporary Staffing Benefits With Acreaty

There may be times when you find yourself in crisis when suddenly an employee leaves the company. Choosing a temporary staffing service company can prove to be a gap filler. You can just give a call to Acreaty and our team will find you the right people within days. There might be a situation when you find yourself submerged in excess work. Acreaty’s staffing solutions enables you to easily hire temps for your excess work needs.

You might have won some new projects in market and you need talented manpower to deliver exceptional results. Let us do the staffing that can contribute from the day of joining to completion of projects. Through our staffing services, Hire a contract employee and promote him/her to permanent positions if that individual delivers to your expectations.

Third Party Payroll Staffing Services :

Payroll services have been an essential part of our human resource services. We have delivered third party payroll services to big companies as well as small business. We have a recruitment team which specializes in third party payroll hiring.

  • An easy on-boarding process.
  • Evaluation and assessment of your staffing needs by our well trained and skilled team.
  • We have data at our disposal which is critical in speedy hiring.
  • We are the experts of compliance management, which means you don’t have to worry about rules, policies, regulations or penalty.
  • Personalization of your needs; we have a staff which devise solutions specifically for your unique requirements.

Why Hire Acreaty As A Preferred Staffing Agency?

Most of the human resource companies operating in India lack the experience, infrastructure and skilled employees to deliver results. Acreaty has pioneered the art of hiring in adverse conditions and we have the resources and manpower to deliver talented and quality staff. Staffing is a burdensome task for a number of organizations. It takes a toll on your resources and time. We are the experts of staffing solutions. We have highly trained staff that will be committed on finding the right talent for you. Our staffing services have enabled our clients to achieve unprecedented growth by diverting their resources to revenue generating business tasks.

Our offices at different locations in India enable us to develop a local cultural connection with the hiring companies as well as workforce. We have a record of offering cost-effective staffing solutions. From screening resumes to recruitment and short listing, we take care of different aspects of hiring process.

Some of the Job Roles for Which We Offer Staffing Solutions

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Accounts & Finance
  • BPO/Customer care
  • Hospitality Executive
  • Engineers/Mechanics
  • Delivery
  • Retail store executives
  • Receptionist/Front Office
  • Promoters/Merchandisers
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