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Staffing Company in Bangalore/Bengaluru

Acreaty has been one of the top Staffing Company in Bangalore and constantly proving its abilities by employing perfect talents in organizations of all sizes. Acreaty delivers professional candidates for the short term as well as for the long term staffing needs.

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We have delivered stafing solutions over 19+ years.


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We have our database through years of service in HR and staffing.


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We have been quite flexibile as a staffing company.


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Acreaty has become one of the largest staffing companies in Bangalore and consistently demonstrated its strengths by hiring ideal talent in companies of all sizes. Acreaty is the leading recruitment consultancy in Bangalore that offers eligible candidates in an organization for short-term and long-term recruitment purposes.

Our role in making the hiring process simpler

Acreaty is one of India's leading agencies providing IT staffing solutions and other different talent management services to companies in Bangalore. We understand that business success involves a team of professionals who are well trained and ideally tailored to the recruitment needs of companies. There is a tremendous challenge for employers in finding the right candidates from thousands of applicants, which is why they search for services from hiring agencies to meet their recruiting requirements with their expertise.

To alleviate the recruitment difficulties of employers, we provide high-quality hiring solutions to the companies. Acreaty has emerged as the leading staffing agency in Bangalore, retaining the need for companies to select the best candidates for mid-senior level management. Acreaty is indeed the best recruiting agency in India, with an absolute presence in Bangalore.

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Acreaty: An efficient Staffing Agency in Bangalore

Like other agencies, Acreaty, as a recruitment consultancy, claims that a committed team of employees who see the priorities of the business as their own are behind the ultimate achievement. We are one of the top staffing agencies in Bangalore that meet the criteria of companies to position junior to mid-senior level managers on a job. Acreaty offers you, talented individuals, to fill vacant jobs and help to get the most out of your business with their talent acquisition services.

Our Experience in providing hiring solutions

Acreaty has been supporting businesses to hire the best talent for permanent or temporary jobs for a total duration of 19 years. We collaborate with companies for attracting, screen-checking, comparison checks, interviewing, and skillfully handling both temporary and permanent staffing searches through our direct placement services. The hunt for the best candidates is known to be strenuous, and we provide the right partnership to address all types of recruitment needs relevant to the companies. Granting every company’s recruitment search in a unique manner is our top priority as they all need the same thing; dedicated, enthusiastic, and trusted employees.

We track patterns through our most up-to-date initiatives to achieve the best talent acquisition that helps us in recruiting the top-ranked candidates according to the expertise they hold. At Acreaty, our key objective is to identify your recruitment needs and employ the best candidates in an available job in your company. Choosing us as your recruitment consultancy is a step in the right direction to lead the organization to higher heights since we are the leading staffing company in Bangalore.

Our expertise in IT staffing services

The fulfillment of the IT staffing process requires a high level of expertise and preparation that we offer to businesses in the best possible way. Being one of the accomplished IT staffing companies, we use the most reliable tools to attract individuals holding varied skills and experiences.

IT Staffing Companies must carry out a comprehensive study of the hiring needs by reviewing the job description and ability qualifications for the IT staffing. Going through resume selection to address quality candidates for the right availability of contract employees to meet IT staffing needs is the top approach that agencies take. We provide IT staffing solutions for both permanent and temporary staffing searches made by companies.

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Why choose us for Contract Staffing services?

Time saver

Time saver

Temporary staffing with our expertise in hiring employees on short notice saves time and helps employers concentrate on goals instead of worrying about recruiting employees.



Contract staffing companies like us manage the changing demand of employees towards short-term and long-term projects with flexibility.

Cost Efficiency

Cost Efficiency

Many businesses operate on a limited budget and look forward to contract staffing for the benefit of positioning employees to a job at a lower cost. Staffing companies like us are well-positioned to deliver temporary staffing solutions to organizations through low-cost job optimization.

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