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Recruitment 5 Trends that Recruitment Industry is Likely to Witness in the Year 2016

5 Trends that Recruitment Industry is Likely to Witness in the Year 2016
The multifaceted nature of the employment market is complex as ever, and as predicted, the year 2016 is going to increase the cutthroat competition. The hiring forecast of this year is high as ever, and it simply reflects the victory of sheer talent over anything. Nevertheless, the difficulty in finding the right talent, skilled candidates, and quality employees will continue to remain a rigid concern for the industry. It will strategically improve the talent acquisition approaches for businesses. As suggested, the recruitment process outsourcing industry is likely to witness these 5 major trends this year- have a look at them!

1. Companies that will focus on branding employer will see growth:

As quality leads the driving seat, job seekers have taken the role of job shoppers, who are rather more interested and willing to buy business brands than looking for simple jobs. According to the experts, a company having a good online presence, positive reviews, and lucrative social media presence will attract job seekers than anything else. With the evolution of review sites like Glassdoor and Yelp, people are becoming brand conscious.

2. Companies will start using talent analytics:

Collection and evaluation of employee’s data to measure and improve growth rate will start a new practice. As businesses will move away from the traditional recruitment practices, they will start understanding the role of recruitment intelligence in hiring. Profession hiring firms generally use these forms of practices. Apart from calculating the primary operational measures like the review of the employee, cost per recruitment, source hiring, etc. companies will start focusing on talent analytics.

3. Professional RPO firms will grow as the ultimate employee sourcing scope:

In an era where every employer is looking for creative hiring solutions, the growth of professional recruitment process outsourcing firms is likely to grow by leaps and bounds. The lack of quality employees and growth of competitive business culture will force the industry to opt for professional solutions. At the same time, companies will also look for numerous ways of developing the skills of internal employees.

4. HR procedure will be streamlined:

In the year 2016, private organizations will start reviewing or redefining their internal recruitment process to enable easy hiring and job application process. They will start modifying their outreach behavior to boost initial communication with the potential prospect. Understanding every single candidate’s touch point, streamlining online methods of hiring, making interactions easy, and having future-ready preparedness will be the urgent need of the hour for the HR sector.

5. Cross platform expansion with respect to HR Approaches:

There are several ways in which the talent acquisition process will evolve with time, and one of them will be cross-platform expansion techniques used by HR departments. As HR solutions will become more streamlined and client centric, they will start focusing on bundling human capital management and making the hiring process technology pact. The idea here is to gain an integrated cum effective solution for all-purpose pertaining to the employment sector, while at the same time, walking hand in hand with the best breathe of technology and development.