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Executive search 7 Qualities that makes a Person Highly Professional and Employable

7 Qualities that makes a Person Highly Professional and Employable

What makes a person employable?

Is it everything about the technical skills and knowledge or does it also covers the superior call for active participation and performance in work?

Knowing the art of ‘being employable’ is not all about the technical proficiency and knowledge. Sometimes, professional qualification is just a broader part of the actual skill-set required in being employable. According to several surveys and studies, the below-given 7 qualities are quite crucial in the course of an employee’s professional life. As said, these are the qualities that inculcate the real sense of professionalism in a person.

1. Being communication friendly: The ability to communicate the thoughts and ideas clearly is simply phenomenal. As an employee, it becomes necessary for a person to have that essential confidence in speech and written form of communication.

2. The ability to work in a team: Working with a professional team is more like running a relay marathon- it is not an individualistic sprint where you have to run alone to win the show. As a relay marathon, each and every employee is an important part. Thus, the capabilityof working with a team is a dominant trait of employability.

3. The instinct to learn and grow: A passive learner is certainly the most dangerous fragment of a team. Being employable is all about learning and embracing innovation. Take initiative in improving your commercial awareness and understanding of new technology.

4. Having a positive frame of mind: The identification of new opportunities and assessment of challenges in work is only possible if the mind is on the right track. Human performance is highly dependent on the amount of motivation they get in work.

5. The call for self-management and discipline: Being a part of a professional workplace is all about self-management and discipline. There is probably no organization in the world that would ever welcome an employee having passive discipline and least self-control incapacities.

6. Organized yet flexible:  Now this is the promise that some of the Best Executive Placement Companies make for recruiting talents in an organization. While every company wants a disciplined and organized employee, some of them also look for employees having flexible working and learning abilities. Being adaptable is also the part of the process.

7. The ability to counter negativity: No matter how much efforts a company puts in to control negativity within the office, still it is not possible to completely eliminate the negativity. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of an employee to have the ability to deal with anything negative and undesirable. Learning from the failure is what makes a professional ‘employable’.

The idea of integrity, the capacity to counter stress, being sensitivity to a certain limits, having boundless creativity, and knowing the difference between competition and compassion in work is what makes a person highly employable and desirable.