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Executive search Do you have the traits required to be a Good leader?

Do you have the traits required to be a Good leader?

It is a famous saying “Good leaders lead by example”. How many Leaders implement this in their professional lives? Have you followed this approach while leading a group of people? We know that it is difficult and we are easily tempted to take advantage of our positions of influence and make our way with our instructions and directives.

But we need to think are we setting a good role model for our juniors or the staff we are leading. Some philosophers have proved that setting up examples is more powerful than telling people what to do. A powerful leader must also know to “walk the talk” rather than just “talk the talk”.

We as individuals have been largely motivated by people who have shown us the way with our actions. Similarly, our co-workers seek that positive energy in our actions and they expect us to lead the way with our actions.  

So you have got to evaluate yourself. As a leader what set of actions are you taking to motivate your team workers. Are you following the ethics laid by you? Are you creating a role model image of yourself through your actions? Or you are tempted by your power and authority to just pass on the instructions to your juniors? And you just want to get the work done through the power leveraged in you by the management.

Some factors can prompt you to deviate from your set of ethics and be the manager your team desires.

  • Your learning Curve:
    Your leadership style may be influenced by several managers who were there in the organizations with you and you have admired their leadership styles and their way of getting things done.  
  • Taking an exemption:
    there are moments when you can lose your temper or can be stimulated to act in a way that goes beyond your set of values. It can be unpleasant behavior or you might scold an employee. But, chances are you can’t control this too often if you let loose for once.
  • It takes less time:
    You can easily end up doing things that you think are easier and takes less time than the desired action. But you got to think about the long-term benefits of that as well. A good leader must have a skilled set called patience. Without patience, you may appear as a rogue leader in the eyes of your team.
  • Frustration curves:
    there are situations where a leader is frustrated due to reduced deadlines, low budgets, or increased expectations of management. A leader should let these circumstances impact his working style and temper.

Releasing the pressure:
 It might make you a little relaxed if you vent off your steam on someone who is not able to work in the desired manner. But will that gain you more respect? You have to restrain from releasing your anger on your team members as they are the ones who are working for you. If your team members are silent and smile at your statements, it doesn’t imply that they carry the utmost respect for you as a leader. A leader has to earn the respect and recognition of his team members through his actions, patience, and perseverance in situations of adversity and pressure.

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