Recruitment Evolution of Technology in HR, Recruitment & Staffing Processes

Evolution of Technology in HR, Recruitment & Staffing Processes
Necessity is said to be the ‘mother’ of invention as it is the urge of human needs that ultimately give rise to innovation. The brush of technology has the same effect on the main disciplines like HR, recruitment and staffing processes. Over the period of time, these industries have changed dramatically with the advent of technology and the same shift has collectively influenced the three disciplines of recruitment, staffing and resource management.

So let’s analyze how the technological evolution has helped the sector grow:

Technology has pacified the demand of HR customers: With technology in the driving seat, the human resource has upgraded the interaction and response mechanism with the candidate. This means there are better opportunities, better talents, better options and better demand for HR practices. Portals like,,, etc. have helped the industry in creating a pleasant ambiance of growth.

The introduction of social media and online hiring: With increased user engagement in social media, it is certain that people have started spending more time online. It is the best way to utilize social space and find value-added talent and resources. One can easily find tech-savvy candidates through online hiring, saving much of their time and energy.

Cost effective solutions: With low-cost solutions like video sharing for promoting company’s information and crowdsourcing, HR management has enabled some value added solutions. It has majorly influenced the cost scenario in hiring talents.

Social became the new local: The social media scenario highly influences the talent management industry. The platform is able to keep up the demands of employees and is being adopted by many workstations for hiring and staffing purposes. Similarly, the social performance of a candidate is also influencing his/her hiring chances.

Technology is the driving force behind strategic HR planning: HR technology is making all the hiring, staffing and recruitment process highly effective. The learning curve of new technology is ever rising with the candidates and as the adoption rate rises, it gives ample chances to companies and employees to develop their hiring mechanism.

Technology knows integrity in solutions: With integrated platforms enhancing the HR management scenario i.e. not just hiring but also the way HR manages employees, prepare salaries, payroll management, attendance effectiveness, grievance management, etc. everything supports the integrated solutions of technology.

It is the mix of branding and HR management: While hiring online or through a social platform, a company is not only fulfilling the recruitment needs but is also branding the business in a unique manner. If streamlined righteously, the opportunity could be converted in the best possible way.