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Recruitment Grooming the young minds

Grooming the young minds

How to grooming the young minds?

The Indian Education System has seen a drastic makeover in the last decade. We can see a lot of colleges coming up with an approach of having professional guidance to the students apart from the general curriculum. The corporate industry is now able to source really good quality candidates from these colleges who are not only abreast with the latest terms and technologies in their field but are also fine tuned with the changing corporate and work culture. But the matter of concern here is that “Are these youngsters really in sync with the real working scenarios and are ready to face on the floor challenges?”

A lot of IT companies have penetrated the Indian corporate zone with their pilot projects where they require qualified quality fresher’s whom they can groom according to the requirements concerned. Not only IT, almost all the companies irrespective of their domains are on the lookout for fresher’s as they feel that the young blood not only brings in fresh energy to their work environment but also encourages innovative ideas. But, at the same time there are a lot of things to be kept in consideration while hiring freshers. Every organization needs to have a quick look at the challenges in grooming the fresher’s.


The young blood is full of knowledge and enthusiasm but at the same time lacks a practical approach. They are well versed with the theoretical concepts but lack the practical work approach. A lot has to be invested on the training programs for them which involve both cost and resources. Still there is no guarantee as such with regards to the time frame for which they would stick to the company. In this scenario the employer is at a loss where he bears the double loss of hiring cost and the training cost for that particular employee. As a solution to this problem many companies have now come up with the option of bonds at the time of hiring freshers. Under this option the employee needs to pay back the training cost to the company if he decides to leave the organization before a stipulated period of time. This is the best way to retain freshers.


The one thing that most of the fresher’s have in mind as their top priority is the monetary gain involved in every opportunity. They are no doubt sincere in their job assignments but monetary gains lure them.
They are good learners and might be best performers but the moment they get better job opportunities in terms of pay packages they don’t mind hopping jobs. The fresher’s as such don’t have any financial bindings to think of while changing jobs so; they are ready to and take risks in the early stages of their career. This becomes a major fight for the companies as they have to strive really hard to retain these young minds and groom them to understand the importance of the opportunity concerned. The major challenge being faced is that they are well aware of their capabilities and the prevailing opportunities and are daring to take risks and rise in their career path.

Training Involved

All the companies invest a lot in the training programs as it is a known fact that these fresher’s are raw in terms of practical knowledge and do not have on the floor experience. It is true that the colleges do have internship programs where these fresher’s get opportunities to work in different organizations for particular projects but that is for a very short span and is not enough to teach them the basics of corporate culture. During this phase their interaction and interface with the corporate scenario is very limited to their project and does not show them the real picture of the corporate world.

So when these fresher’s are actually hired by the companies they are naïve in terms of on the floor work culture and on the floor issues. Detailed and extensive training programs are designed for these fresher’s to give them on the job training. The module for every single training program involves lot of background work in terms of designing technicalities as well as the cost involved both of the trainer and the training program. So, it becomes vital to judge the sustainability factor while selecting fresher’s as considerable amount is spent on the training aspect.

Unaware of the Corporate Protocol

The fresher’s might be well versed and thorough with the technical concepts but are not trained in terms of corporate cultures and protocol. This is one thing they learn over a period of time. But this turns out to be a tough phase as they have to be groomed in all aspects in order to match up to the company culture. The fresher’s are unaware of the entry and exit procedures and also do not have an idea about the hierarchy level that is followed in term of communication and reporting. This young lot has a very casual approach towards these aspects of corporate culture which at times drag them to troubles. Joining and quitting a job is just another option for them where at times companies face a lot of problems in making them understand that there is a set pattern for all the activities and a proper way of channelizing communication. At times the companies have a tough time dealing with the casual and unprofessional approach of these candidates.
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