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Global Outsourcing How adoption of Cloud Computing driving Global Outsourcing Companies?

How adoption of Cloud Computing driving Global Outsourcing Companies?

Rising competition in the international platform and the subsequent pressure on companies to run efficiently and cost-effectively is providing enthralling opportunities for accelerated growth in Outsourcing services. Global Outsourcing Companies are driven by the cost benefits achieved by offshoring back-office administration; and the accessibility of new generation technologies such as big data analytics, process automation, cloud services like BPaaS, and embedded analytics-based services. The cloud, in specific, has transformed both the way companies function today and consequently the business models of  Outsourcing Companies in India.

Cloud and the Global Outsourcing Model

The Cloud Computing is all set to reform the way Outsourcing companies and providers extend their offerings and the advantages that companies accrue by offshoring business processes. Applications will now be made obtainable over the network on demand; with the Cloud operating likes any other utility service, therefore, eliminating the need to invest in Information Technology and in this manner reducing costs considerably. The advantage can be seen predominantly in companies with legacy systems that demand high maintenance and advancements. They can now move to a Cloud-based platform and outsource their business processes. With the Cloud encouraging the business models, BPO service providers are set to move to the top level of arbitrage, proficiency & competence.

The advantages that the Cloud-based technology brings to the Outsourcing landscape are:

·  Flexibility: The Cloud, combined with the flexibility that the new model offers, allows outsourcing companies to scale up or down fast, without impacting operational proficiency. Companies can update applications dynamically on the Cloud computing. By creating a balance between the business requirements and the required infrastructure, service providers can propose on demand scalability.

   Cost effective: The client companies can do away with legacy Information Technology hardware and reduce energy, costs and subsequent demands. It does not have to pay in human resources to maintain & back-up infrastructure. Adjustable pricing model or pay-per-use model is the assurance of services providers of Cloud solutions.

   Quickly drive the solution: Global Outsourcing Companies can leverage the assistances of Cloud computing to lessening processing time for data-intensive business processes. They can easily manage data processing workflow, starting from documentation and image processing to publishing, at a low turnaround time.

·  Reliability: It has become a widely accepted platform because of its reliability for outsourcing entire business processes using the great service model. The pervasive nature and its high reliability add to the benefit of hosting apps on the Cloud rather than in complex infrastructure prone to downtime.

Finally, cloud computing gives companies of all sizes a level of flexibility through accurate sizing of computing resources to the opportunity requirements. In essence, giving business managers or owners the confidence to not over-invest resulting in a loss of the prospect as it evolves over time. The purpose of cloud-enabled technology is to deliver greater value to clienteles through the strategic advantage in comparison to the competition. When business functions combined with cloud-based technology, the organization becomes transformed. Cloud computing is playing an important role as a component of value delivery in business operations.

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