Business Advisory Making the Right Choice- How to Choose Between Two Job Offer Letters

Making the Right Choice- How to Choose Between Two Job Offer Letters
You have cracked the written examination, nailed the personal interview and the job is more certainly at your interest court- it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you are probably at your career’s best time!So how does it feel to get a job offer? We know it feels great. Okay, now tell us how does it feel to get two job offers at the same time? Does it feels great or is it confusing?

Having multiple job offers on the table can sound confusing at times. The decision of choosing one job and reject the other one could be the most overwhelming part of your job searching process. So how are you going to make the final decision? We have some suggestions- have a look!

Do your research- check the insider information

Gather all the necessary information about the position and company, dig beneath the skin and look beyond the obvious known facts. Don’t fall into the trap of sugar-coated answers and before choosing a company, do a bit of online research about the news, financial status and future goals of the company. While you go online to check the most stated facts of the company, never forget to consult your personal cum professional network. These are the people who might give you detailed ‘unbiased’ insight about the company you have selected. Believe in the power of word of mouth.

Ask yourself- 5 years down the line, will this job make a difference to me?

You have to look at the big brighter side of the picture. Does the job matches to the range of your expectations? Will it add flying colors to your professional career? You have to find the answer to the related questions. Never accept a job just for the sake of salary and rather think in terms of opportunities and growth. Have some professional goals.

Take Time:

Successful decisions are never impulsive- they are calculated and mindful. So take ample of time in making your final decision. Don’t jump to conclusions, put a lot of information to suggest your interpretation, narrow down your preferences for the jobs and then make the final call.

Some Quick Tips to make the ‘Right’ decision:

Do a lot of brainstorming.

Make priorities, as in what do you want from your career and select accordingly.
Talk and discuss your job goals with friends.
Gain clarity about your professional dreams.
Be skeptical to analyze both the opportunities with equal interest.

Listen to your instinct- the gut feeling.