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Human resource outsourcing Questions that must be included in an employee satisfaction Surveys

Questions that must be included in an employee satisfaction Surveys
It is generally believed that a company having a maximum number of satisfied employees turns out to be the best and the most productive companies of all time. Employees are like the precious seeds of a forest that is the company that needs to be looked upon for the overall growth of the company.

But on the other hand, according to the Gallups Research of world poll, most of the people in the world are not satisfied with their jobs. Some of the reasons that it might be a true case are:

Some employees dislike their bosses, some dislike their co-workers, the working culture or the working environment, some feel disconnected from their teams while some feel their works are not being recognized.

These kinds of unsatisfied employees increasing in number leads to unsatisfactory performance by the employees that can eventually lead to a decrease in the companies performance and employee retention rate.

It is actually a fact that employees who are more satisfied with their jobs, they tend to be happier, more engaged and more productive, thus contributing to the company’s growth. Therefore, for this case employee satisfaction survey becomes very crucial and it is advised
to the organizations to have these kinds of surveys done.

These can be conducted on a quarterly basis or even monthly basis depending upon the companies requirements, while also it should be kept anonymous to have the best results through more honest answers by the employees and the most important point needs to be
noted is that what kind of questions the survey should have to get you the best and most accurate results and the reasons of the problematic areas of the employee dissatisfaction.

Why employee satisfaction surveys are important?

The low satisfaction levels can have a major impact on organizations in various ways-

> The employee’s productivity levels usually drop and eventually the company’s too.
> It can create toxic work environments.
> Employees’ bad attitude due to dissatisfaction can be out on your customers and this
can affect the company’s reputation in the market.
> The employee retention levels rise.

Some of the questions that must be included in the survey form are as follows:

1. Do you feel your contributions are being valued?
2. Do you feel good about your company’s work culture and the environment?
3. Do you feel a sense of association and connection with co-workers?
4. As an organization, how open are we to new ideas and changes?
5. Is your feedbacks and contributions valued by your managers?
6. Do you have a sense of connection with your team?
7. How much is the management transparent?
8. Is work distribution among team members done evenly?
9. Does the organization provide you with an adequate amount of opportunities and
promotions for the growth of your career?
10. Do you have the proper infrastructure support to do productive work?
11. Are you being given a reasonable and decent amount of workload?
12. Do you think your abilities and skills are being fully utilized?
13. How happy are you at work?
14. Are you given meaningful work to do?
15. Does the organization promote employee wellness sufficiently?
16. Are you given enough freedom to do your work?

These are some of the relevant questions that are generally asked by the organizations in the employee satisfaction form.

How to conduct these surveys?
Having said that, now the question arises on how to conduct these surveys. So, as also mentioned before the following tips can be kept in mind while conduction and proceeding with the surveys:

Send out the forms Quarterly or once a year
The one a year conducting of the survey is the most popular among the organizations. Although, the first part of sending out is an easier task of creating, attaching and emailing to all the employees at once, but the task of receiving, compiling and analyzing the responses
manually makes the work cumbersome. But with the coming up of and high use of Google forms, it makes the task easier.

Tools and strategies
There are number of tools and strategies that can be used to gather data of the same like AI tools and Pulse surveys that measures employees internal networks.

Asking some questions at a time throughout the year
Instead of sending a whole big list of questions to the employees in one time only which causes fatigue rather send a short and frequent list of questions that will help you to collect all the insights on a regular basis.

From the above-mentioned tools, strategies and tips, any organization can work towards the improvement of the satisfaction levels in their employees’ which can eventually not only lead to the growth and productivity of the employees but also the company. One should
always remember the quote “united stronger we stand, but as individuals, we fall apart”.