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Recruitment Tips to be on the top list of the Most Suitable Candidate for the Consultants

Tips to be on the top list of the Most Suitable Candidate for the Consultants
In India hiring trends have changed a lot with time. The companies now a day’s prefer outsourcing the recruitment services to the consulting firms who are not only well versed with the market dynamics but are also knowledgeable about the minimal specifications required for the individual openings in that particular domain. Consultants therefore are a bridge streamlining the correct communication and implant of the right fitment for the firms. They are the channel connecting the candidates to the opportunities. When a candidate approaches a company through a consultant, he stands a better chance in comparison to others. It has been a known fact for ages that Corporate World is a very small place where people generally cross paths. It is the consultant who is aware of the upcoming opportunities in the market and guides the candidate to the other upcoming chance. Unfortunately if one opportunity does not work for a candidate he can be considered for the other one. But one needs to be in the good books of the consultants to be updated with the upcoming opportunities and get the dream job. So, let’s flip through a few points to keep in mind to be in the top list of the consultants.

Be truthful about the Work History

All the candidates need to be truthful about their work profiles when discussing opportunities with the consultants. A consultant needs to have a clear understanding about the professional synopsis of a candidate before considering it for an opportunity. When a consultant screens a candidate’s resume and considers it to be shared it with the organization, he becomes a guarantor for the candidate. So, one should be very transparent and true when discussing the work history with the consultant. When the consultant believes you, he would try his level best to push you to an opportunity that is best suited for you.

Be Prompt and Active in the Communication

The candidate should interact and show interest in communicating with the consultant only when he is actually keen for the opportunity. When a consultant endorses a candidate he should have full confidence on the candidate that he would not disappoint or fail him both at the time of the interview and at the time of joining. To build up any kind of confidence level prompt communication is a must. One has to be proactive and responsive to the consultants to be in the priority list. Being prompt and responsive gives them the confidence and zeal to represent you as the perfect fit for the concerned opportunity.

Be free and open to discuss your interest level about the opportunity

The candidate needs to have exact clarity about what he wants and what is he looking for in his career graph. Randomly considering an opportunity and going for it just for the sake of financial benefits or other perks and later declining the offer or using the offer letter as a tool for increment in the current company is a very wrong thing to be done. A candidate should have that mental maturity and clarity of vision for his career path to discuss and respectfully decline the opportunity which he thinks is not apt for him. This kind of candidate earns respect for himself in the eyes of the consultant and would be his first preference for any other apt opportunity.

Never hesitate in saying NO respectfully

It might not be necessary that the consultant considering your profile has the same outlook for your career as you yourself. Every individual has a different approach towards his career and might have different plans at different stages. For a consultant every individual is just another candidate whose resume is the mirror to his career aspirations. Once he considers your profile for an opportunity that is in sync with your resume but not with your career plans, you should respectfully decline the option giving justified reasons rather than avoiding their calls or misguiding them with irrelevant answers. This is one professional attribute that every individual should have and follow in order to share and maintain healthy relations with the consultants.

Do not accept the offer if not serious about the opportunity or not interested in the job

It has become a very common practice for the candidates to say yes to opportunities, face the interviews and collect offer letters and negotiate for their pay packages to check their market value. This is a very wrong practice being followed by some of the people in the lot that drag the image and reputation of the consultants down. The candidates should understand and analyze the permutation combination of the opportunity concerned and then decide on it. One basic professional etiquette that should be adhered to is that the consultants are sole representatives of the candidates to the organization and their authenticity and image depends on the professionalism of the individual candidates. The candidate should not even consider the offer when not serious about it or not interested in it. The consultants respect and consider those candidates who value their time and energy and are genuine enough to tell them the exact scenario.

Always have a professional approach of interaction

A consultant is well experienced and trained enough to understand the personality traits of an individual while interacting with them. The candidate should have a very professional approach while interacting with the consultant to have a recall value in his mind and have a long lasting impression. The language and tone used while interacting with a consultant has to be kept moderate and professional. The communication skill and the basic mannerism are the most important personality traits that leave a long lasting impression in the minds of the consultants. One should never forget the basic etiquettes of communication while discussing opportunities with the consultants. There is a very fine line between being casual and being unprofessional. A candidate needs to understand and have a clear demarcation between the two to have a long lasting impact.

Always respect and value the time and efforts of the consultants

The candidates need to understand that even the consultants are answerable for the candidates they endorse and are questioned and at times even have to bear adverse consequences of the unprofessionalism shown by the candidates. A lot of time and energy is invested in finding out the right fitment for an opportunity wherein a consultant individually gets involved in the screening and streamlining the perfect match for the opportunity. A candidate should never consider an opportunity for the heck of personal motives and demean the hard work and efforts being put in by the consultant. This leaves a very bad impression on the consultant who might not even consider you for the next relevant opportunity or help you when you are actually seeking his help. Having a professional and respectful approach earns goodwill for you that would reap benefits lifelong.