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Executive search Top Trends in Executive search firms in India to consider for 2018

Top Trends in Executive search firms in India to consider for 2018

A strong and robust employer brand of Executive search firms is critical for companies seeking to attract the best talent. When a company engages an executive search firm in India to help find & hire senior talent, the firms response to the market can either profit or hinder the brand. Therefore such companies need to follow the new and emerging trends to compete on the global platform. 2018 will see some alternations in the recruitment space, along with an acceleration and modification of known trends. Universally, sourcing the best-quality candidates for key roles will continue to be a core competitive advantage. Employers are always seeking ways to modernize and, in turn, avoid costly bad hiring.

Here is a look at some exciting trends in Executive search firms in India that will make the most significant impact in the upcoming year & beyond. 

·   Advanced Data Analytics in Recruiting- As it did in the year 2017, recruiting will shift away from a decision-based model to the data-driven approach. It is believed that data-driven recruiting transforms candidate tracking and enables the creation of a high impact recruitment process that delivers applicants that better match the technical necessities of a job. The Best-quality data analytics programs have already been applied to customer data to help companies make better strategic decisions. Candidate information are gradually getting the big-data treatment so hiring managers can quickly and easily locate the candidates with talents that appear to be a fit. Data analytics are certainly a trend at the fresher or entry level hiring. At the top management levels these approaches are also certainly serving to speed the process by allowing skilled recruitment consultants to more easily get their arms around and identify the right group of candidates.


·  Growing Trend of Remote Workforces- Remote workforces are turning out as a growing trend. The reality is that a growing amount of potential hires will consider flexi-hours or remote working as part of the package and this should be a consideration when crafting or evolving roles within the company. It might not always be the simple transition and it will not be suitable for every single position within a company. Companies must leverage sophisticated technology while setting clear expectations on accessibility and productivity if a remote workforce is going to be successful.


·  Glance on Passive Candidates- Headhunting will continue to be a crucial aspect of the recruitment process in the year 2018. Though, the expectations have altered and simply sifting through resumes & researching applicants on career websites will no longer cut it. Automated messaging and social media platforms and have made it fast and easy to stay in contact with applicants. Targeting candidates through their interests and using manifold methods of communication will allow organizations to stay in touch with their pool of aspirants. Organizations targeting long-run growth need to develop a network of potential candidates

Focus on Retention- Continuing departure among new hires is one of the major challenges expected in 2018. It was a 2017 trend that is predictable to remain into the upcoming year. Every single Company must need to focus on retention levels by offering flexible hiring options, providing well-being perks & on-the-job training options. Companies must be competitive in their benefits/ compensation package offerings in order to retain the best talent for the long-term.

These are just a sampling of some of the expected hiring trends we will see in 2018. With so many radical changes, the face of the executive recruitment industry is going to change in coming years.