World class event featuring women in HR technology market-2018

The HR technology market event is one of the best platforms to showcase your offerings to world-class executives and people from across the globe. The platform is one of its kinds and allows various entrepreneurs and new business comers. The event has various range of offering in terms of e-reports, seminars, webinars and various sponsorship opportunities for knowing more about a global market scenario. The event is scheduled from September 11 to 14 of this year at The Venetian in Las Vegas. This event is featuring women in HR technology in which Arianna Huffington and Jennifer Morgan, the two businesswomen will speak about the HR technology benefits about employee health and wellbeing.

New technologies enable the business to reach the edge and also provide a great opportunity to be the leader around the globe. Technology and innovation are the key factors to mark your offering and services to various people of different culture. This leads a path for the business providers to serve the needs and earn quality of business from the market. Tech giants, consultants, and CEOs in various domains who are highly equipped with the best software and manpower will be interacting with the existing client, new customers as well as investors.

At Booth Number 133 the Acreaty LLC will be interacting with various offerings including “the use of modern technology in the business”. The Events has its numerous products and services for the attendees, which includes the HR tech Experience, HR tech Market Report, Speakers from different domains by experts Exhibitors.

HR talks will give latest updates about the various changes in the world-class HR technology workplace. With free short visits to the stalls of different organization can introduce to the updates with the global world. Based on last year reviews the organizers came with more than 400 tech giants across the world.