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7 Ways to optimize your business for customer delight

There is nothing more phenomenal than the ‘relationship’ shared between a business and its customers. Bonded with the faith of love and trust, it is this relationship that makes a service successful within no time. Thanks to the age of automation and innovation- the touch of ‘care’ has been best redefined and it couldn’t get better than this. Have you ever had an ‘unhappy’ customer? Have you ever thought how demeaning it could be for your business circle? The harmful effects of ...

Job Skills that can boost your Career in 2017

Great professional skills can help you in making money… they can really help you in making SERIOUS money! But having remarkable job skills is all that you need for the overall personal cum professional growth. There is no blueprint or written document that en routes or defines the journey of success. However, certain professional skills are always appreciated in the marketplace, especially with the kind of competitive scenario prevalent these days. Employees come from different background ...