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7 Impacts Corporate Training Companies can put on Your Organization

CFO to CEO: What if we spend our time, money and resources in training/developing our employees and they leave? CEO: What if we don’t spend anything and they STAY???? This little dialogue says volumes in itself! Being the most valuable asset of the business, ‘employees’ need time, material and resources to evolve and somewhere down the line, this evolution is also directly proportional to business growth. In lieu to this, corporate training can turn out to be a beneficial investment ...

How Can We Transform Workplace Through Organizational Development?

Behavior has a lot to do with the factors associated with growth and success, especially in businesses. So if an organization is willing to embrace the positive flow of change within it, then most probably, it is conscious of the power of behavioral science that can invite organizational development (OD) for best progressive results. The quick attempt to minimize negativity and maximize effectiveness in an organization is the central goal of workplace development. What is Organizational ...